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Describing Words - Find Adjectives to Describe Things

Also check out ReverseDictionary.org and RelatedWords.org.

describing the basketball match played ...

Find an answer to your question Write a short paragraph describing the basketball match played recently with a neighbouring school recently.

describing earth? - Answers

Nouns are not describing words, adjectives describe nouns.

describing a pet that you have or ...

Write a letter to your friend describing a pet that you have or would like to have?

Describing People TOP006 - english-practice.at

www.english-practice.at B1 Describing People TOP006 Complete the sentences with an adjective from the box.

Describing people | LearnEnglish Teens - British Council

I have some friends who play video games and basketball with me.

words describing idol Kobe Bryant just 15 ...

LEBRON JAMES was lost for words when describing idol Kobe Bryant just 15 hours before the NBA legend’s tragic death.

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describing noun for shark ...

Verbs are not describing words; verbs are action words.